wensday 30 june.

hey reader :).

this is my first post on tumblr so dont be mean :)
i honestly don’t know what to say.. guess immo just go with ma day :).

well, i woke up & straight away went for the fridge. the fridge is a pretty cool place to eat aye ? then watch some tv, had a lil’ music sesh then went onto the comptuer :). buht i gotta clean ma room soon or else i dont get to go out, i dont get computer & i dont get to go to the movies tonight with Nikki, my sister Kelly & my brother Mitchell.. we are gunna see twlight, new moon & then eclipse. 

uh, life pre good at the moment :), got pretty good shit in it, pretty good people in it, but dont go the bestest parents, they aren’t that nice to me. but aye, its cool ees (Y).  

well, adious, have a good day :) 

chynade lynch 2010;

chynade lynch 2010;